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  1. Download installer package from here
  2. Run AstroImageFrameSetup.msi
  3. The following window opens:

  4. This pogram requires version 2 of Microsoft's .NET Framework.  This sounds scary, but it isn't.  If your machine does not already have this installed, you will be prompted to download and install it from Microsoft.  This is an automatic process and prompts will tell you what is happening.  After it has been installed, this installation can continue.
  5. Click 'Next', the following window opens:

  6. Select the location you want to install the files in (the default should be OK) and click 'Next'.  The following window opens:

  7. Click 'Next'.  The following window opens:

  8. When complete, click 'Next'.  The following window opens:

  9. Click 'Close'
  10. A new folder called '' will have been added to the Start Menu.  This will contain a link to launch the utility.