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New version released 19 Nov 2008 - v


This utility is designed to add borders and titles to photos.  It was created with astro photographers in mind, since it is quite common practice to treat astrophotos in this way before putting them on the web for display.  It can of course be used on any type of photo, as it works on any image file.


The software runs on Windows only, and has been tested on XP and Vista Ultimate.  It should run OK on other versions of Windows, but has not been tested.  An installer package can be downloaded from here.


Some examples of the results of this software can be found in my astro photos section here


This software is shareware - it is free to try and use, but if you use it and find it useful, I would appreciate a donation of a pound or two.  Any money received will probably be spent on astronomy products anyway!  Donations can be made via PayPal to


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